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Written by James Carruthers on . Posted in Team Building Games

quick team building gamesYou are a manager or team leader, you have problems in the group you look after or a suspicion that with just a bit of work that the team could do better, but here’s the rub, you don’t have any time for team building. Sound familiar?

Here are five easy and quick team building games for adults in the workplace. All of these can be done in 15 minutes or half an hour at the top end and none of which require any major investment, planning or materials. Each game has a set of easy to follow instructions along with a clearly defined goal and tips to debrief the activity with your team to ensure you all get the most out of it. We are also going to assume you are fairly new to this and give you a simple progression path should you want to follow the games from start to finish.

A simple framework for quick team building games

Do you currently have a weekly team meeting? If not, you should, and it would be a perfect time to run a quick team building game to get your squad motivated and move them ever closer to being that high performance unit that you know they can be.

Getting your team to ‘buy in’

A common problem with team building is that people don’t want to do it. They have either experienced some pretty ropey ‘team building’ in the past or just have an idea in their head of what it will be (did you hear the sigh when you suggested this to your team?). Well, worry not, all of these games are quick, simple and fun and there is nothing that will make people dread the next meeting. In fact, if you do your job right, this will be a fun experience that will help your team bond as individuals and develop that all important team spirit whilst improving their work related performance.

Some tips for the team leader

Your the team leader, top dog, head honcho so surely you know why you should be team building and how to run a team building activity but just in case, check those articles out first so you can make sure you don’t drop the ball.

Five Quick Team Building Games

Right, as promised, here are five of our favourite quick team building games. You can pick these out and do them as stand alone games or you can follow them in a linear progression to take your squad from team zero to team hero!

1. Innovative Introductions – Break the Ice

Right, your team know each other, right? Well, maybe some do, so lets make sure everyone knows everyone else and get started with an easy, fun, quick team building game that helps everyone get properly introduced. Members are simply asked to prefix their name with a word describing their personality or abilities: Meticulous Marcus, Accounting Aarron, Careful Carl – simple, easy, fun and more importantly memorable.
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2. I am Good At – Let Team Members Sell themselves

Everyone has tasks they are good at and would rather do and a simple way to optimise your teams performance is to get everyone doing the jobs they would rather do and are good at. This game provides a fun, open environment where everyone can make it well known what they can and would rather do and starts to build a culture of self disclosure and communication within the group.
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3. Who Are We? – Build Team Spirit

You can tell people they are part of a team, but they may not actually feel as though they have any kind of investment or ownership in that team. This quick team building game allows the team to decide upon a name for their group and builds an investment in the team. This is a great little game, simple and fun but always gets a good buy in. The game can be expanded to allow the team to create a team slogan and logo and savvy managers can use this to really build a team rather than a group of disparate individuals working together.
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4. A Game of Remembering – Teamwork Trumps Individual Work

A team is a collection of individuals and not all individuals will believe in the power of the team for getting work done. This is a simple memory game that quickly but powerfully demonstrates that the group will always outperform the individual.
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5. Ever Decreasing Circles – Show Improvement is always possible

Every team has room for improvement and this game shows how small, incremental, progressive improvement can always be made when people cooperate and when the team works together. This is another fun, simple team game that requires nothing more than a ball and a stopwatch yet the results are eye opening and will motivate your team to do better.
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Any of these quick team building games can be used individually or for even better results you can use the five games above as a succession to improve communication, relationships, team spirit and performance.

More Team Building Games

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Okay Team – till next time, back to it!

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