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Problem Solving Activities for Team Building

Written by James Carruthers on . Posted in Team Theory

In the modern workplace, a lot is asked of teams and even in groups where there is great team spirit and people enjoy working together they still require a solid process for handling and resolving problems.

Problem Solving for Teams

Teams often have the ability to solve a problem, but without a proven and tested roadmap, this may take longer than it should. Worst case, teams may stall, paralysed by a problem and this will impact the overall efficiency of the team and any other units within the business that require this team to function at it’s very best.

To create a truly optimised team, they must go beyond being good at their job and they must also develop proven problem solving skills to assist when the going gets tough and when non standard problems present themselves, as they do, on a regular basis.

Problem Solving Activities

The following activities can be used as part of a team building program to ensure that your team is a finely honed, problem solving beast who will not be derailed from their primary objective when something unexpected crops up.

1. Folding Paper – This is a simple game where the team has to work together to achieve an objective. This can help to demonstrate any communication issues within a group that is stalling what should be a simple process.
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2. Puzzling Puzzles – This game gives several small groups a seemingly simple problem to solve, which ends up being a lot more complicated and will require communication with the other teams. This is a powerful activity where there are several groups within the business and communication and cooperation between them is preventing problems from being quickly and easily dealt with.
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3. The Solution Maker – All complex problems are simple when broken down into smaller, more manageable pieces. The purpose of this game is to train your team to break a problem down and tackle it in small, manageable steps rather than rushing towards the solution and having to work back. The solution is always arrived at fastest and most reliably with a simple, pragmatic approach and this game teaches that perfectly.
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4. Fun Problem Solving Games – Take a look at our latest trilogy of fun problem solving games and activities here.

Problem Solved?

We are always interested to hear what is going on with your teams and if you have any problems within your teams that you need to tackle drop a comment and we will come up with a game to help.

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